The Training and Education Team at Who Cares? Scotland offers fully-funded support to Corporate Parents across Scotland. The offer includes live, bespoke training, support to create and develop Corporate Parenting Plans, supporting learning materials and consultation time with Who Cares? Scotland staff.

 Who Cares? Scotland is funded by the Scottish Government to engage Corporate Parents across Scotland in training and education activity. As such, we report to Scottish Government on the Corporate Parents who are engaging well and positive practice we have identified. We are really keen to ensure all Corporate Parents are represented in our reporting, so please connect with us to enable this. There is no cost to you receiving support from the Training and Education team, so please use this resource to maximise your impact as a Corporate Parent. 

There are a range of training options:

Resources + Learning Hub

Beyond the delivery of live training, the Training and Education Team can offer support in developing digital learning materials for dissemination among staff within your organisation. Examples of materials we have created include:

  • Content for e-Learning materials, for integration into existing platforms 
  • Guidance documents across a range of relevant themes 
  • Engaging and informative videos, including case studies 

Our Digital Officer is available to discuss your needs, and work with you to develop a bespoke digital package. See some examples of our digital work here. 

If you would like to know more, please email

Bespoke Corporate Parenting Training

The Training and Education team can deliver an engaging and interactive session that works to support attendees’ knowledge and understanding of Care Experience and Corporate Parenting. Our experienced Training and Education Officers will work with you to ensure the session is tailored to you and your organisation. The content of this training is fully-informed by the voice of Care Experienced people – children, young people and adults who have lived experience of care. This session can be delivered remotely, utilising platforms such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams, or an in-person session can be offered if Covid restrictions allow.  

Training content 

The session covers: 

  • What is Care Experience and who are Care Experienced people? 
  • What do Care Experienced people say about their experiences? 
  • What is Corporate Parenting, and how can it be broken down into an easily understandable concept?
  • What does best practice look like when it comes to planning and reporting as a Corporate Parent?
  • How can you respond to The Promise and your responsibilities as outlined in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC)? 

 The Logistics 

 This session usually lasts around 3 hours, however we can be flexible on this to suit your workforce. It can be delivered as a one-off session or we can offer a programme of training sessions to reach all layers and levels of your organisation. It is encouraged that all senior staff and board members participate in Corporate Parenting training.  

If you would like to explore this training option then we will allocate a Training and Education Officer to work alongside you to coordinate the input and liaise with your staff about their needs. 

If you would like to know more, or to book a training session, please email

Refresher Training

Refresher training allows Corporate Parents to engage in a session which renews their knowledge of their statutory Corporate Parenting duties. This slightly shorter session provides attendees with contemporary evidence of the issues and challenges Care Experienced people face when receiving support from Corporate Parents. 

This session usually lasts around 1 hour 30 minutes and a Training and Education Officer will be allocated to work alongside you to identify your needs and design a bespoke session for you and your colleagues.

If you would like to know more, or to book a training session, please email

Collaborative Training

Collaborative training spaces are useful ways to connect with other Corporate Parents and share practice and learning. An important duty of a Corporate Parent is to collaborate with other relevant Corporate Parents to ensure support is provided for Care Experienced people. 

Through our Annual Participation Programme, we are able to design and deliver thematic and collaborative training sessions for Corporate Parents, offering rich insight into topics and issues identified as important by our members. These sessions are open to all interested Corporate Parents to attend and to learn more about how best to meet their duties in these key areas.

Find out more about our upcoming collaborative training sessions by clicking here.

Training for Employers

We can offer specific training for employers (whether Private Sector, Public Sector, Corporate Parents or Third Sector Organisations) who would like to know how best to attract, recruit and support Care Experienced employees. This training covers the benefits of employing Care Experienced people and diversifying the workforce; addressing unconscious bias; breaks down stigma and barriers that currently exist in employment and shares examples of positive practice in this area.

To find out more or to book a training session, please contact us:

Ongoing Consultation

As your organisation continues on its Corporate Parenting journey, ongoing advice and consultation can be provided to ensure positive practice implementation and to keep abreast of developments across the sector. 

We can review your Corporate Parenting plan and offer recommendations on areas for improvement and strengths that can be built on. We can also share with you examples of promising practice being carried out by other Corporate Parents, intended to inspire and promote collaboration. 

If you would like to know more, or to book a training session, please email