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Due to the myriad of different training models and platforms utilised by Scotland’s Corporate Parents, and the variety of functions each parent performs in relation to Scotland’s Care Experienced young people, it isn’t possible to design a resource pack in a digital format which suits everyone in terms of format and content.

However, Who Cares? Scotland have been working on a hub which hosts a number of individual and thematic digital resources which can be downloaded and integrated into existing training platforms. These resources include:

  • Straight to camera, thematic video interviews with young people on a variety of issues such as education and health as well as the impact of good corporate parenting.
  • PDF case studies detailing young peoples’ care journeys.
  • PDF ‘Better Practice’ case studies which highlight good practice nationally.
  • Guidance materials which offer guidance on better understanding the legislation, and advice on preparing and publishing a comprehensive Corporate Parenting plan.

Support for Implementation of Resources

We are more than happy to offer support and guidance on implementing these resources within your own training programme, or to assist in the development of bespoke resources or modules which offer more contextual insight into the function of your organisation and how it relates to young people. If you would like to discuss the possibility of co-developing e-learning resources and/or bespoke materials, please contact Rosie or phone the National Office on 0141 226 4441.