So the legislation names 26 Corporate Parents, but what does that break down to?

The Act names 26 public bodies but all 32 local authorities, 14 NHS Scotland Health Boards, 7 National Special Health Boards as well as all colleges and universities in Scotland are Corporate Parents in terms of the Act.

Under the 2014 Act, the ‘Scottish Ministers’ are a Corporate Parent. This refers to the Scottish Government in the broad, including all its Directorates and Executive Agencies, the latter comprising: Accountant in Bankruptcy; Disclosure Scotland; Education Scotland; the Scottish Prison Service; the Scottish Public Pensions Agency; Student Awards Agency for Scotland; and Transport Scotland.

Across all of these organisations, who is responsible for understanding Corporate Parenting?

It is important to remember that Corporate Parenting duties are not tasks which can be delegated to just one individual or team, they are the responsibility of the whole organisation, and staff should be supported at all levels and across all departments in understanding and fulfilling these duties.

Corporate Parents
Scottish Corporate Parents