There are 3 main training support options.

Resources + Learning Hub

Online resources are available to help introduce corporate parents to the lives of care experienced children and young people. Through videos, care experienced people generously share their lives and their views on why corporate parents matter.

This is also a space where corporate parents can showcase examples of better practice in corporate parenting. This encourages corporate parents to learn from each other as well as care experienced people. Additionally, there are helpful references and links to downloadable documents which corporate parents would find useful in the understanding and implementation of their duties. These resources can be used to develop and enrich corporate parents’ own employee training and CPD programmes – and guidance and assistance is available from the team if this is helpful.

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Training Session with Individual Corporate Parents

These live training sessions are aimed at senior management and the most influential leaders – such as the chief executive – of organisations named as corporate parents in the Children and Young People (Scotland) Act 2014. Who Cares? Scotland received funding from the Scottish Funding Council to extend the Scottish Government corporate parenting training programme to all colleges and universities across Scotland.

During the session, the most up-to-date statistics and outcomes are presented, giving corporate parents a better understanding of how care experience impacts on young people’s lives. Most importantly, all sessions also include an input from a young person who has volunteered to share powerful insights from their care journey in their own words.

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Training Session With a Range of Corporate Parents

This options includes all the same elements as the training for specific + individual types of corporate parent. The difference is this session aimed at the most influential leaders within local authorities, from the Chief Executive to directors in education, health, employment and housing.

These sessions typically last a full day and there are opportunities to take part in unique and tailored workshops which fuel discussion around approaches to corporate parenting. In these workshops, local authority leaders are encouraged to build on the knowledge gained from the session and work together to develop a local corporate parenting strategy, with support from the team.

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